Choose Ridge Security as your External Exposure Management Technology Partner

As a Managed Security Service Partner (MSSP) or a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) business, you’ve seen significant growth over the past year.

The good news is that growth is projected to stay strong for several years. The bad news is how to match that growth with the tools you’re using today.

Ridge Security RidgeBot, an award-winning enterprise security validation tool, seamlessly fits into either MSSP or MDR organizations offering both:


Automated Penetration Testing enables managed services to: 

  • Validate and manages vulnerabilities
  • Find external attack surfaces and lateral movement risks
  • Provides branded reports organized by business risk
  • Integrate auto pentesting into MSSP and MDR technology stacks with application programming interfaces (APIs)

Exposure management business benefits: 

  • Fuel business growth and increase revenue streams with exposure management services
  • Expand your service delivery portfolio for a competitive differentiation and advantage
  • More fully meet customer requirements with automation for 360-degree protection across on-premises, clouds, and hybrid environments
  • Enable customers to justify their MSSP and MDR spend by reducing risk and improving their business outcomes
  • Complement detection and recovery capabilities with exposure management to proactively discover and fix vulnerabilities before bad actors find them
You might even consider expanding your business offering to include additional services if you’re using only one of the two testing modalities.

Ridge Security wants your business and will work with you to make the integration of RidgeBot into your service offering easy. With our dedicated team of MSSP/MDR partner support staff, when you have a question or a challenge, we’re there to help.



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How to get started:

  1. Contact us to discuss how RidgeBot can fit your business
  2. Start the partner application process
  3. Get RidgeBot training, including extensive best practices guidelines

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