Unlock External Exposure Management with Ridge Security

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers are building out adjacent service capabilities to help customers manage this increasingly complex and distributed landscape. Ridge Security’s MSSP program is designed to help you achieve these business benefits with award-winning tools, targeted exposure management capabilities and easy API integration.

OWASP Compliance White Paper

OWASP Top 10 Compliance with RidgeBot®

To protect your organization against security attacks and breaches, it is imperative to manage closely the vulnerabilities in web application software interactions. OWASP evaluates the most prevalent and critical web application vulnerabilities to produce a Top 10 list that is updated every 3-4 years. The OWASP Top 10 project uses broad industry consensus to determine the 10 most critical web application security risk categories.

RidgeBot® SOC 2 Compliance White Paper

Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Compliance Using RidgeBot® Security Validation

This white paper discusses how RidgeBot® capabilities—including asset discovery, attack surface identification, iterative security validation, automated and on-demand penetration testing, and vulnerability exploitation and remediation—can help organizations comply with the Service Organization Control (SOC 2) specifications. A SOC 2 certification substantially increases confidence and peace of mind when organizations engage 3rd-party vendors or partners in their business processes, for example, many security-focused organizations require SOC 2 compliance before considering a SaaS provider.

RidgeBot® (HIPAA) White Paper

Compliance with the Security for Healthcare Industry (HIPAA) U.S. Regulation Using RidgeBot®

This white paper discusses how RidgeBot® capabilities—including asset discovery, attack surface identification, iterative security validation, automated and on-demand penetration testing, and vulnerability exploitation and remediation—can help an organization meet the United States HIPAA legal requirements for safeguarding and protecting electronic systems where health information is accessed, stored or transmitted.

Ransomware White Paper

The Ransomware Rampage of 2020—And How to Survive 2021 White Paper

In 2020, ransomware yielded enough damage to solidify its position as a boardroom risk. Every aspect of the attacks is on the increase.

GDPR and Worldwide Data Privacy Compliance

Ensure Data Privacy Protection with Cost-Effective, Continuous Security Validation, and Penetration Testing
This white paper discusses how RidgeBot® security validation and penetration testing can help organizations comply with legal requirements concerning the digital privacy and security of sensitive personal information. The paper focuses on GDPR, the data privacy legislation of the EU, along with coverage of POPIA (South Africa), LFPDPPP (Mexico), and LGPD (Brazil).

ISO27001 Compliance White Paper

Traditional defensive security mechanisms have failed to adequately protect networks, data centers, hosts, and applications from infiltration, attacks, and breaches. The effectiveness of traditional defensive security mechanisms pivots mainly on the concept of border security—while increasingly, industry trends in SaaS, IaaS, cloud computing, IoT, virtualization, and mobility have blurred or erased borders in networks and computer processing and storage systems.

RidgeBot® PCI-DSS Compliance White Paper

Continuous Validation with Automated Attacks; Detailed Steps to Resolve and Lock Down Vulnerabilities

The digital transformation of worldwide economic, business, and government operations has seen rapid growth in security defense technologies such as encryption, Next-gen firewalls, filtering methods, malware screening, multi-factor authentication, and surveillance.

RidgeBot® White Paper

RidgeSecurity is changing this game with RidgeBOT®, an intelligent security validation Robot. RidgeBOT® is modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques.

RidgeBot and the 3rd Party Vulnerability Scanner Integration

The integrated solution of RidgeBot and the 3rd party vulnerability scanner offers customers an efficient and risk-based vulnerability management approach. This solution combines the capabilities of two powerful tools – Nessus and Nexpose – with RidgeBot’s advanced vulnerability exploitation and validation technology.

RidgeBot and Splunk SOAR

The Splunk SOAR integrates RidgeBot’s automated penetration testing and exploitation within its orchestration, incident response workflow and playbook capabilities.

Trellix Helix and Ridge Security RidgeBot

An adaptable and composable security environment depends on having real-time and relevant information at the fingertips of your SecOps team. Automated security validation tools such as Ridge Security’s RidgeBot penetration testing and exploitation continuously probe the resilience of your assets and report on vulnerabilities detected and successfully exploited attack vectors.

Stellar Cyber + Ridge Security

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform integrates all your specialized security tools—with their combined results—and then augments these with next-generation security information and event management (SIEM), orchestration, and threat intelligence capabilities. Ridge Security RidgeBot®’s automated and continuous penetration testing and uniquely designed exploitation capabilities integrate with the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform to enhance visibility, accelerate the prevention, detection, and response, and strengthen SecOps staff efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

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