Achieve Risk-Based Vulnerability Management With RidgeBot® Pentesting Robot

Faster. Higher Fidelity. Continuous.

Introducing RidgeBot®

Two minutes well spent

Modeled with the collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, exploits and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques, RidgeBot®’s automated penetration testing robot provides organizations with actionable Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.


RidgeBot® Pinpoints and Weighs Vulnerabilities by Business Risk

RidgeBot® Accelerates Pentration Testing

Getting Started with RidgeBot® is Fast and Easy

Deploying RidgeBot is Easy

Deploy RidgeBot®

Configure RidgeBot® as an Appliance or Virtual Machine

Schedule RidgeBot

Schedule Task

Start or schedule a penetration task

Monitor RidgeBot's Progress

Monitor Progress

Watch RidgeBot® find attack surfaces and exploit vulnerabilities

Review RidgeBot Results

Review Results

Review the comprehensive results produced by RidgeBot®

Reduce Time-to-Protection

A Growing Inventory of Pre-Defined RidgeBot® Test Scenario Templates

Full Penetration

Targets any assets in Intranet, extranet or private network etc.


Targets 27 high-profile ransomware entry point vulnerabilities

Website Penetration

Targets web applications, websites based on various static and dynamic frameworks

Internal Host Penetration

Launches attacks from inside the corporate network to validate security system’s response

Weak Credential Exploit

Targets include: redis, elasticsearch, ActiveMQ, database, web login and other applications

Framework Penetration

Targets include: Struts2, spring, fastjson, ThinkPHP and other frameworks

Asset Profiling

Profiles assets and attack surfaces based on domain names, sub-domain names, peripherals, encryption key, API, framework, open ports etc.

More Scenarios Coming

Additional test scenarios are continually added

Why automated ethical robotic risk-based vulnerability management is the future of penetration testing!

Possibly one of the most compelling arguments is hackers are already using robots to attack your enterprise. Unless you hire an army of new people, you can’t compete. Another reason is even minor changes to an enterprise network can create new untapped vulnerabilities. RidgeBot® is the only fully automated pentest robot that ethically hacks your systems to verify vulnerabilities.

Why my million-dollar defense system can’t prevent a data breach?

Ridge Security changed the game with RidgeBot®, an automated pentest robot to achieve risk-based vulnerability management. RidgeBot®’s act like human attacker, relentlessly locate exploits and documents their findings. RidgeBot®’s unlike humans, come armed with a dynamic of attack strategies they try before moving on to the next target. RidgeBot®’s make penetration testing affordable and run at enterprise scale.

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