One Pane of Glass, Two Enterprise Security Validation Modalities

Automated Penetration Testing

Adversary Cyber Emulation

Gain 360-Degree Enterprise Security Validation

Automated Penetration Testing

Internal Attack

External Attack

Lateral Movement

Vulnerability Management

Adversary Cyber Emulation

Security Control Validation

Continuous Measurement

Mitre Att&ck Framework

Case Study

Commercial bank with capital assets exceeding $1B (USD) with more than 1M customers selects RidgeBot

“We are truly impressed by the simplicity and efficacy of RidgeBot. We didn’t realize that pen-testing can be done so efficiently.” — CISO of the Bank

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Why automated, ethical, robotic, risk-based vulnerability management is the future of penetration testing!

Possibly one of the most compelling arguments is that hackers are already using robots to attack your enterprise. Unless you hire an army of new people, you can’t compete. Another reason is that even minor changes to an enterprise network can create new untapped vulnerabilities. RidgeBot® is the only fully automated pentest robot that ethically hacks your systems to verify vulnerabilities.

Why my million-dollar defense system can’t prevent a data breach?

Ridge Security changed the game with RidgeBot®, an automated pentest robot to achieve risk-based vulnerability management. RidgeBot®s act like human attackers, relentlessly locating exploits, then documenting their findings. RidgeBot®s, unlike humans, come armed with a dynamic of attack strategies they try before moving on to the next target. RidgeBot®s make penetration testing affordable and run at enterprise scale.

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