Ridge SecuritySM Penetration Testing Service

Utilize our Pentest experts and RidgeBot® to validate your cyber defenses

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AI-Powered Automated Penetration Testing

Thinking like a hacker is how we work.

Ridge SecuritySM  service team is comprised of top-notch pen testers and robotic testing platform RidgeBot®, which in conjunction offers you the most thorough cybersecurity test. Regardless of the size of your organization, the testing will discover the exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment and further pinpoint your real risks by exploiting these vulnerabilities with proof of success.  So that it not only helps you prioritize vulnerabilities to fix but also enables you to see through how they can be exploited by a real hacker.  This preview of your potential breach will guide you to avoid a true event being triggered.

What type of pen tests does Ridge SecuritySM  service offer?

  • Web application testing
  • Windows server testing
  • Linux server testing
  • Network infrastructure
  • Databases
  • Cloud environment
  • Compliance tests to satisfy your auditors
  • Blackbox and greybox testing

 What does the Ridge SecuritySM  pen test service uncover?

  • Assets with OS type and version, open ports, and web frameworks
  • Attack surfaces and weak links
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Exploited Vulnerabilities
  • Attack Paths

 Leverage Proven Platform and Industry Leading Team

  • Automated Pentest Platform RidgeBot®
  • Smart algorithms with Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine
  • Cutting edge ethical hacking techniques
  • Scheduled pen tests with fast turnaround time
  • Top-notch human pen testers to interpret results and remediation plan
  • Flexible service charge

Online Web Security Testing Service – PurpleRidge

  • Comprehensive security posture measurement: attack surfaces, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Blackbox testing only with your public domain name
  • Formatted OWASP Top 10 Compliance Report
  • One-click test, extremely easy-to-operate
  • Pay as your view

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