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RidgeBot’s enterprise-class penetration testing achieves automated security validation and risk-based vulnerability management using intelligent robots. It delivers a range of capabilities including automated asset profiling, attack surface identification, iterative and continuous security validation, automated and on-demand penetration testing, vulnerability exploitation and remediation, risk assessment and prioritization, and automated reports and metrics.

RidgeBot-reported exposures and exploits can be remedied immediately based on risk-prioritized actions. Automated tests can run continuously at the scale of your network, providing rapid high-fidelity intelligence on your security posture. The shift from manual-based, labor-intensive testing to machine-assisted automation alleviates the severe shortage of security professionals; it allows human security experts to automate repetitive daily tasks and instead devote their time to threat defense strategy and technology.

RidgeBot and Splunk SOAR Solution Guide

The Splunk SOAR integrates RidgeBot’s automated penetration testing and exploitation within its orchestration, incident response workflow and playbook capabilities. The integrated solution strengthens security staff effectiveness with automated continuous security validation, accelerated threat and risk detection, and remedial action steps based on contextually relevant information.


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