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Vertical Use Cases


Business Needs: Requires a cost-effective and automated solution to conduct regular penetration testing on their vast array of web applications and servers.

  • Automated penetration testing, minimizing human intervention
  • Enhanced compatibility by supporting development and operational environments
  • Customizable scheduling

RidgeBot® Benefits: Revolutionizes penetration testing by providing complete coverage, flexible automation, detailed reporting, seamless integration, and cost-effective resource utilization.

  • Comprehensive and automated penetration testing
  • Customizable testing and detailed reports
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Risk reduction and resource optimization


Business Needs: Constantly facing challenges in finding and hiring cybersecurity talent, leading to a shortage. They need a solution to address the talent shortage and tools to enhance code security and identify vulnerabilities.

  • User-friendly vulnerability scanners and penetration testing tools
  • Automated security testing solution aligned with CI/CD and DevSecOps practices
  • Identification of security gaps, code security guidance, and confidence in software’s security prior to customer delivery

RidgeBot® Benefits: Addresses the business needs by offering an automated penetration testing solution that is easier to use, saves time, enhances code security, and provides comprehensive reporting and risk analysis.

  • Automated testing processes with rapid results
  • Pre-defined test scenarios for easier security testing
  • Comprehensive mapping of assets, attack surface areas, vulnerabilities, and exploits
  • Low skill requirements for effective use
  • Detailed reporting to understand security gaps and associated risks
  • Risk-based approach prioritizing critical vulnerabilities

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