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About Ridge Security

Ridge Security is a leader in exposure management and is dedicated to developing innovative cybersecurity products that benefit CISOs and security teams by reducing risk through validation and using automation to improve efficiencies. Ridge Security’s products incorporate advanced artificial intelligence to deliver comprehensive security validation, powerful workload protection and cloud security monitoring.

About our products

RidgeBot® — AI Agent Continuous Threat Exposure Management Solution

RidgeBot® enables CISOs to minimize cyber risks from increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks by validating cybersecurity controls and processes that protect the attack surfaces. RidgeBot delivers exposure management by automatically testing and validating an organization’s entire attack surface’s ability to withstand cyberattacks.

RidgeShield — Zero-Trust Workload Policy Monitoring and Protection

RidgeShield provides a comprehensive security solution that protects workloads against modern security threats. With its label-based micro-segmentation, business-oriented flow view, and operating system baseline security check, organizations can ensure that their workloads are secure and compliant.

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