A demo is worth a thousand words

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We’re excited to share with you our solutions via a live demo where you can experience RidgeBot® and or RidgeShield.

RidgeBot by Ridge Security is an AI-powered exposure management solution that identifies cyber risks by prioritizing the exploitable vulnerabilities and validating security controls.

RidgeShield Cloud Workload Protection, provides zero-trust Micro-segmentation technology to protect cloud workloads, regardless of whether they are deployed on-premises, in hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud environments. With RidgeShield, organizations can ensure the security posture of their network against sophisticated security threats.

We’ll show you how a regular security personnel can operate RidgeBot and perform an advanced penetration testing. In the demo, we will present the nature of RidgeBot being automated, continuous, plug & play, agentless, and zero-false positive. We will also demonstrate how it launches iterative attacks and show you the full visibility of attack paths and surfaces.

In the RidgeShield Demo, you’ll discover how to effortlessly craft a label-based security policy using business logic, conduct security best practice baseline assessments, and manage your workload security policies across on-premises, hybrid clouds, and multi-cloud environments.

Ridge Security is a leader in exposure management and is dedicated to developing innovative cybersecurity products that benefit CISOs and security teams by reducing risk through validation and using automation to improve efficiencies. Ridge Security’s products incorporate advanced artificial intelligence to deliver comprehensive security validation, powerful workload protection and cloud security monitoring.

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