Ridge Security is effective in all industries

How RidgeBot® is being used

Industry Use Cases

Financial Services

Business Needs: A large bank which connects multiple branches serves tens thousand of personal and enterprise customers, and processes millions of transaction per day,  the CISO needs a dedicated security validation solution to meet compliance mandate and prevent a breach

  • Continuous monitoring of the security posture
  • Easy to configure toward different targets to serve multiple departments.
  • Strictly protect customer information and prevent any kind of data loss

RidgeBot® Benefits: The customer deployed RidgeBot®64 hardware platform on-premise with professional service, conducted penetration test and reported the result with remediation suggestions.

  • Easy to deploy and configure, 7*24 continuous monitoring with high efficacy
  • Machine-based predefined test program enables the automated test process with fewer human innervation
  • Fully protected and controlled testing environment and process ensure the customer data security and integrity


Business Needs: The customer is a large insurance company whose major business is done online with its web applications, no security defense system was established for the business system and applications:

  • Don’t have dedicated security personnel to validate the security posture before the release and update of the new application,
  • Need an affordable security validation solution that can minimize the workload of the security team and minimize the effort for the new system/application release

RidgeBot® Benefits:The customer deployed the RidgeBot® in SaaS mode. The entire process was initiated, tracked, viewed then terminated by the customer’s security team.

  • SaaS model is convenient and cost-effective to meet customer’s expectation on ROI
  • RidgeBot® reduced the customer’s efforts by automating the testing process, providing many ease-of-use features, and auto-generated reporting with remediation strategies.
  • RidgeBot® performed multi-layered iterative attacks that ensured a thorough inspection of any software before its release to the market


Insurance Services


Business Needs: The customer is a leading brand of home appliances. It has multiple plants and product lines in different physical locations, and a complex IT-system with high-security risk in the past, the customer’s priority now are:

  • Build internal security validation capability instead of just relying on external services
  • Identity a wide range of IT assets, inspect a large number of assets in short timeframe
  • Provide accurate validation and effective remediation

RidgeBot® Benefits: The customer deployed a combination solution of RidgeScan and RidgeBot®128 on their corporate intranet.

  • Through the unified management interface, RidgeScan and RidgeBot® can coordinate task distribution.
  • They worked in parallel and streamlined the vulnerability of mining and validating.
  • The inspection of the customer’s large number of assets was completed on time.