Safeguarding Your Digital Frontier: A Spotlight on Fortinet’s Latest CVE Detected with Ridge Security

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Blog

In today’s Information Age, where cyber threats loom large, safeguarding your network infrastructure is paramount. Among the leading cybersecurity providers, Fortinet stands out, offering a suite of robust security solutions ranging from firewalls to endpoint protection. However, even the most fortified defenses can be vulnerable to exploitation, as evidenced by recent vulnerabilities discovered within Fortinet’s SSL VPN service. 

Ridge Security, a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, has identified and prioritized these vulnerabilities, recognizing the potential risks they pose to over 730,000 customers worldwide. Among the critical vulnerabilities are CVE-2018-13379, CVE-2024-21762, CVE-2020-12812, CVE-2018-13382, CVE-2022-40684, and CVE-2023-27997, each presenting a unique threat vector ranging from unauthorized access to system manipulation. 

To address these vulnerabilities, Ridge Security has deployed RidgeBot, a cutting-edge scanning platform designed to detect and analyze potential threats within Fortinet’s SSL VPN infrastructure. However, in the interest of customer safety, Ridge Security refrains from exploiting the most dangerous vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2024-21762 and CVE-2023-27997, which could lead to denial-of-service attacks. 

Instead, Ridge Security focuses on providing comprehensive reports detailing the nature, severity, and potential impact of identified vulnerabilities. By prioritizing customer safety and service continuity, Ridge Security ensures that patches are applied promptly, and alternative scanning methods are employed to mitigate risks effectively. 

Ridge Security’s commitment to proactive threat monitoring and rapid response is underscored by our ever-growing threat intelligence database. Through vigilance and adaptive defense strategies, Ridge Security remains at the forefront of cybersecurity, delivering unparalleled protection against evolving cyber threats. 

Figure 1: An authentication bypass vulnerability CVE-2022-40684 discovered by RidgeBot . 

Figure 2: The evidence shown CVE-2022-40684 has been successfully exploited

Figure 3: The latest Fortinet CVE-2024-21762 discovered by RidgeBot. 

In the face of escalating cyber threats, partnering with Ridge Security offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding your network infrastructure. With RidgeBot and a dedicated team of experts, you can rest assured that your organization’s security remains a top priority, now and in the future.