Fully-Automated Penetration Testing Solution

Ridge Security has changed penetration testing with RidgeBot™, a fully automated intelligent security validation robot

Penetration testing, even with current automated tools, is a slow, arduous, and expensive. RidgeBot™ from Ridge Security makes software penetration testing, fast, simple, and affordable.

Here’s how easy it is to get started:

Install RidgeBot™ inside the enterprise network

Define an IP, IP range, or domain to test

Set a time to start the penetration test 

Three key business reasons to evaluate RidgeBot™:

RidgeBot™’s prioritized risk assessment reports provide IT teams with verified critical vulnerabilities. With zero false positives, teams can confidently and quickly remediate vulnerabilities.
Streamlines compliance and security validation testing with an ability to demonstrate systems are protected.
RidgeBot™ is a fully automated AI-based technology that assesses and identifies vulnerabilities not only in applications but also in systems and networks. It leverages more advanced hacking tools and technologies to exploit the critical vulnerabilities and presents a potential business loss caused by the flaws.

Here’s why automated ethical robotic security validation is the future of penetration testing!

Possibly one of the most compelling arguments is hackers are already using robots to attack your enterprise. Unless you hire an army of new people, you can’t compete.

Another reason is even minor changes to an enterprise network can create new untapped vulnerabilities. RidgeBot™ is the only fully automated security validation robot that ethically hacks your systems to verify vulnerabilities.

Proof is in the results

RidgeBot™ reports prioritize risk assessments for teams to focus their efforts. Touch or click on the report image above to see a full report.

Listen or watch the RidgeBot™ webinar

Who should join this webinar — IT, QA, CISO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, and CFO’s looking to reduce business risk through software penetration testing.

What will be covered in the webinar — an introduction and product demonstration to RidgeBot™’s fully automated enterprise-grade penetration testing system. How RidgeBot™ dramatically reduces complexities, costs, and time required to fully test enterprise environment. You’ll watch a complete penetration test from the asset auto-discovery, vulnerability mining to the exploit results.

How long is the webinar — 17 minutes 

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