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RidgeShield Cloud Workload Protection, is your first line of defense, providing zero-trust micro-segmentation technology to protect cloud workloads, regardless of whether they are deployed on-premises, in hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud environments. With RidgeShield, organizations can ensure the security posture of their network against sophisticated security threats.

As an innovative host based micro-segmentation platform, RidgeShield supports a wide range of operating systems and workloads, continuously monitoring traffic across workloads and enforcing unified security policies across any environment.

RidgeShield Key Business Benefits

Security Operation Efficiency Across Environments
Cost Saving with Automation and Integration
Real-Time Multi-Dimension Visibility
Reduce Infrastructure Downtime

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Product Demonstration Request an online demonstration of RidgeShield. Learn how your team can easily implement a consistent workload security policy monitoring across on-premises and multi-cloud and test your deployment using the integrated Automated Security Validation platform RidgeBot.

Microsegmentation techniques are also pivotal in stopping and containing intrusion attempts. Forrester’s Trusting Zero Trust study found that 75% of CISO- and director-level leaders consider microsegmentation a key technology foundation for achieving their zero-trust strategic initiatives and are seeing results from their investments. Ponemon Institute’s 2022 report, Managing Risks & Costs At The Edge, found that 54% of organizations have had an average of five attacks on their endpoints in the past year. The annual cost of these annual attacks is $1.8 million or $360,000 per attack. Microsegmentation is proving its value by stopping intrusions and breaches.

RidgeShield Core Functions

Label-based Micro-Segmentation

Provides the ability for the user to define various labels to categorize their assets

Business Orientated FlowView

Enables business-oriented traffic flow view to graphically display the relationship between the micro-segments

Security Best Practice Checks for Workloads

Provides security best practice checks for the workloads, e.g. Windows and Linux workloads

Asset Management

Enables asset management, which a common place to view the workloads, their membership in various micro-segments, and their status

Supporting On-prem, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Environments

RidgeShield is not limited to Cloud workloads only.  It can span on-prem workloads and cloud workloads, i.e. it supports hybrid environment.  It also supports multi-cloud environment

Integrated Security Testing

Last but least, RidgeShield has automated security testing integrated

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Ridge Security Cloud Workload Protection solution

RidgeShield Differentiation

Intelligent Visualization

  • Visualize all communication between workloads regardless of location
  • Flexible grouping of workloads based on label assignments, in 1-dimensional or multi-dimensional views
  • Easy identification of missing or unmanaged assets
  • Real-time view change via drag & drop
  • Identification of policy violations via color-coded links

Business-centric Security Policy and Automated Policy Enforcement

  • High-level business-centric security policies
  • Consistent security policy across on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Easy creation of rules between workloads by clicking the link
  • Automatic enforcement of defined policies in real time
  • Order independent security policies unlike traditional firewalls

Integrated with Security Testing

  • Single click to start security testing on managed assets
  • Security testing includes attack surface discovery, vulnerability scanning,  vulnerability exploit, and mis-configurations
  • Integrated with DevOps tools to track and remediate discovered security issues

Workload Security Best Practice Checks

RidgeShield provides security best practice check for workloads.


  • Account
  • Password policy
  • Authentication policy
  • Log audit
  • Networking
  • File system & disk space


    • Account info checking
    • Hidden account checking
    • Network share checking
    • Registry
    • Open ports
    • File system checking

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