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Storm Clouds Gather: Escalating Strikes on Cloud-Dependent Services

Explore prevalent threats and effective mitigation strategies, gain insights into cloud security, and witness a live ransomware attack demonstration in this informative webinar.

Cloud-Dependent Services
Panelist: Claudio Bazan
Duration: 32:49 min

CTEM Panel: Building Cyber Resilience with Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Why is Continuous Threat Exposure Management emerging as a solution to many challenges in mitigating cyber security risk? Join our experts to explore its benefits and implementation strategies.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management
Panelists: Brian Reed & Hom Bahmanyar
Moderator: Gabriela Szuter
Duration: 54:31 min

The Impact of Open Source on Cyber Security

Open source tech revolutionized cybersecurity with new tools for threat intelligence, rapid response, and innovation. But understanding vulnerabilities remains a challenge.

Open Source Technology
Speaker: Paul Reynand
Duration: 57:15 min

AI in cybersecurity

Discover the importance of security automation in cybersecurity’s future and witness how AI-Powered RidgeBot® revolutionizes the field by simulating human thoughts in penetration attacks.

AI Technology
Speaker: Han Ther Lee
Duration: 44:54 min

How to Reduce Risk from Supply Chain Attacks

Learn how to prevent software supply chain attacks by incorporating security testing at various stages of your CI/CD pipeline, utilizing techniques such as pen testing and embracing the shift-left security trend.

Speaker: Hom Bahmanyar
Duration: 51:37 min


Productivity loss, reputation damage, and financial losses, the consequences of a ransomware attack can be devastating. Don’t worry, RidgeBot® has got you covered.

Speaker: Hom Bahmanyar
Duration: 56:03 min