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Al-Powered Security Testing: Continuous Risk Validation for Healthcare

This presentation delves into the transformative potential of AI-Powered Security Validation Platforms to continuously manage their vulnerabilities, attack surfaces, and exposure, thus proactively reducing cyber risks.

AI-Security Testing
Panelist: Hom Bahmanyar
Duration: 15:08 min

From Detection to Action: AI-Driven Vulnerability Assessment

Learn to surpass traditional vulnerability scanners with advanced security validation and prioritization. Gain insights on leveraging technology trends to fortify defenses. 

AI-Vulnerability Assessment
Panelist: Bret Hartman
Moderator: Michael Wilson
Duration: 48:47 min

2024 Cybersecurity Horizon: Predictions and Preparations

2023 proved pivotal in cybersecurity, as incidents like the MOVEit breach and the MGM Resorts compromise, significantly shaped the landscape. Let’s explore AI’s evolution, 2024 trends, detection strategies, and evolving threats

AI Technology
Panelist: Brian Reed & Michael Wilson
Duration: 51:07 min

Storm Clouds Gather: Escalating Strikes on Cloud-Dependent Services

Explore prevalent threats and effective mitigation strategies, gain insights into cloud security, and witness a live ransomware attack demonstration in this informative webinar.

Cloud-Dependent Services
Panelist: Claudio Bazan
Duration: 32:49 min

CTEM Panel: Building Cyber Resilience with Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Why is Continuous Threat Exposure Management emerging as a solution to many challenges in mitigating cyber security risk? Join our experts to explore its benefits and implementation strategies.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management
Panelists: Brian Reed & Hom Bahmanyar
Moderator: Gabriela Szuter
Duration: 54:31 min

The Impact of Open Source on Cyber Security

Open source tech revolutionized cybersecurity with new tools for threat intelligence, rapid response, and innovation. But understanding vulnerabilities remains a challenge.

Open Source Technology
Speaker: Paul Reynand
Duration: 57:15 min

AI in cybersecurity

Discover the importance of security automation in cybersecurity’s future and witness how AI-Powered RidgeBot® revolutionizes the field by simulating human thoughts in penetration attacks.

AI Technology
Speaker: Han Ther Lee
Duration: 44:54 min

How to Reduce Risk from Supply Chain Attacks

Learn how to prevent software supply chain attacks by incorporating security testing at various stages of your CI/CD pipeline, utilizing techniques such as pen testing and embracing the shift-left security trend.

Speaker: Hom Bahmanyar
Duration: 51:37 min


Productivity loss, reputation damage, and financial losses, the consequences of a ransomware attack can be devastating. Don’t worry, RidgeBot® has got you covered.

Speaker: Hom Bahmanyar
Duration: 56:03 min