How’s Your Digital Serve?

by | Nov 8, 2022 | AI in Automated Pen Test

It’s been said, “The serve was invented so that the net could play”. Every tennis player has experienced the frustration of getting the ball over the net with accuracy and keeping it in play. A tennis player’s serve gets more consistent and faster with practice and coaching.

Compare this with the ability of an organization to serve applications and online services. Without proper security, their ability to safely support users and securely conduct business becomes riskier and less reliable, jeopardizing their ability to win in the marketplace.

Strong cybersecurity is critical for any organization with digital assets and is now a business imperative to meet growing cybersecurity threats. Security risks associated with social engineering, unpatched systems, misconfigurations, weak passwords, and security gaps between technology products can significantly impact an organization’s ability to safely conduct business. To address these issues, organizations deploy multi-layered security to both defend and proactively find and fix security vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Just as tennis athletes rely on practice, training, and experience to win, organizations rely upon cybersecurity preparation and testing of technology products, services, and processes to discover and fix vulnerabilities. When organizations combine penetration testing to discover, fix and validate, with a standard of best practices, security risk is minimized.

By implementing automated pentesting, red teaming and External Attack Surface Management (EASM) security measures, organizations gain greater visibility and control to overcome breaches, minimize risks, and increase security resilience.

Ridge Security’s RidgeBot® automated pentest robots act like human attackers using sophisticated ethical exploits. RidgeBots relentlessly locate exploits across an enterprise network and document their findings. RidgeBots continuously measure results and effectiveness and validate vulnerabilities.

RidgeBots enable organizations to conduct automated pentesting from an attacker’s point of view. Before an exposure is even put into production, it can find, assess, prioritize, and fix a wide set of exposures that attackers would see. The resulting validation allows organizations to see what would happen in the event of an attack, how their defenses would cope, and how well the processes would perform.

If your organization has digital assets, they need protecting. Finding vulnerabilities and hidden risks before hackers uncover them will protect your business, and your customer’s data. If you need help protecting your vital digital infrastructure, consider how RidgeBot automated pentesting can be the “power serve” that will help you win in the marketplace.