New RidgeBot Release: Balancing Automation and Control

by | Feb 7, 2022 | AI in Automated Pen Test, RidgeBot

There are many similarities between viruses and malware – they both can mutate and become more resilient at each variation. From a health perspective, we seek stronger, more targeted remedies. From a cybersecurity perspective, this means that security vendors need to constantly evolve and improve their security solutions to become more targeted and resilient, as well. In the case of RidgeBot 3.9 release, we’re continuing to improve the overall user experience as well as help balance the automation that the pen-test tool delivers, against the controls that are necessary in specific use cases. This approach also ensures that the security professionals are comfortable with the RidgeBot automated platform as they can easily control and manage the dials to meet their specific and changing requirements.


  • New functions and features help security administrators interact more intuitively with the built-in automation:
    • A new user intervention mode provides security administrators more control during the testing process, giving the tool an opportunity to ask for permissions before proceeding on any impactful exploits. These types of exploits can be pre-configured by the administrator.
    • Additional features lay the foundation for a more comprehensive asset management, and to depict historical trends for vulnerability stats over an individual asset over a given time.   

Figure 1 User Intervention Mode

Figure 2 Asset Management

  • The New Year always brings an opportunity for change, so we’ve delivered a new look and feel for the new year: Helping administrators navigate the dashboard more intuitively and with easy access points, including:
    • One-page view of all test assets
    • Access to all nodes, inclusive of post-exploitation node
    • Instant preview to report prior to downloading streamlines the reporting process
    • New configuration flow for a more intuitive user experience

Figure 3 New Look & Feel

We are constantly striving to improve our solutions to meet customer requirements as well as changes in the cybersecurity landscape. Test drive our solution with a demo today or join us later this summer at Moscone at RSAC 2022, Booth N-4218;