Ridge Security and Splunk Partner to Accelerate Speed-of-Response with Integrated Security Solution

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Ridge Security

RidgeBot’s API integration into Splunk SOAR strengthens the effectiveness of security staff with resilient defenses

Ridge Security, cutting-edge pen-testing solution provider, has partnered with Splunk, a data platform leader, to deliver an integrated risk management solution designed to empower security teams with increased productivity and speed of response to threats. The solution integrates the automated penetration testing and exploitation available in Ridge Security’s RidgeBot, with the orchestration, incident response workflow and playbook capabilities of Splunk SOAR.

Today, the sheer volume of sophisticated threats and breaches are staggering. Cybersecurity Ventures expects global cybercrime costs to grow by 15% per year, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025. Understaffed security teams and tight budgets buckle under the pressure to secure expanding attack surfaces, across organizations both large and small. This means that machine-assisted tools and automated and integrated workflows need to coexist and augment resource-constrained security staff in their mandates to secure their organization’s infrastructure and business operations.

“Organizations and security staff are at risk from all vectors,” said Lydia Zhang, Co-founder and President of Ridge Security. “Whether it’s alert fatigue, data paralysis, or simply limited resources, security teams today must be empowered with solutions that deliver a coordinated defense strategy with automated workflows and reports that deliver timely and high-fidelity decision making. We are very excited to team with Splunk to deliver such a solution.”

Digital transformation has accelerated in the era of the hybrid workforce and hybrid multicloud deployment model, due to this acceleration, security teams are scrambling to maintain visibility and control across their disparate environments. The Ridge Security’s API integration into Splunk SOAR delivers the tools that security teams need to detect and respond to threats faster and maintain the security posture of their critical infrastructure and assets.

Ridge Security’s addition to Splunkbase brings an automated, continuous pen-testing integrated with existing incident management workflows and playbooks, at scale. RidgeBot automation performs pen-tests 100X faster than human testers, and instantly replicates any complex infrastructure. The consolidated threat intelligence reports effectively help streamline security operations.

For more information, please reference the Integration Solution Guide.