Ridge Security Announces a New Release of RidgeBot with Deeper Granularity in Controls and Customization

by | Nov 10, 2021 | RidgeBot

The most comprehensive platform for penetration testing is now upgraded with stealth mode and more traffic controls

RidgeBot is the most comprehensive, automated penetration testing tool covering network, host, and web apps. And today, we’re announcing even more enhanced and granular capabilities in our latest release, RidgeBot 3.7, as we continue to address more features and requirements.

Today, every single business must be able to handle the current threat landscape, and penetration testing can no longer be a nice have or add on to a security strategy. Today’s networks, hosts and web applications must be resilient against relentless hackers, and RidgeBot is an all-in-one platform that delivers that resiliency by providing visibility into the security posture of our customer’s infrastructure with automated pen-testing. During the testing process, we locate, exploit, and document risks and vulnerabilities discovered in the network, whether it’s production or specific targeted servers or vulnerable websites and apps.

The 3.7 release delivers even more benefits to our install base and technology partners, including:

  • More granular control, enabling admins can leverage best practices that are optimized for their environments by trying different approaches and levels.
  • The ability to control the volume of traffic being sent to target systems across four tiers (Stealthy, Intermediate, Normal, Noise), effectively reducing the traffic rate of pen-test attacks or retry attempts, based on requirements or impact.
  • The ability to avoid detection by Security defense radar, allowing for more effective vulnerability exploitation.

We continue to make enhancements to our solution based on market and security requirements, as our mission is to ensure that customers remain compliant, alerted, and secure in the digital world.