RidgeBot AI Fills-in Pen Tester Skill Gap 

by | Jul 4, 2023 | AI in Automated Pen Test, RidgeBot

Businesses trying to advance their cybersecurity maturity model are facing difficulty in finding and hiring quality cybersecurity professionals. This is due to a significant skills gap created by demand from increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks, combined with increasing costs related to breaches, and the limited supply of skilled cybersecurity workers.  

Penetration testing (pen testing) is now seen as an essential function of cybersecurity teams for both development and production environments or DevSecOps as they’re collectively referred to. And companies are finding it very difficult to hire skilled pen testers due to the skills gap. 

Additionally, offensive security is a category of pen testing that goes beyond traditional approaches of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. Offensive security uses actual tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that a hacker would employ and produces a real-world evaluation of how websites, applications, endpoints and other components of company’s attack surface area are protected from cyberattacks. Pen testers knowledgeable of offensive security are highly sought-after and rare, leaving companies with a growing skill gap in this vital capability. 

To counter the skills gap for penetration and offensive security testers, companies are turning to innovative and powerful AI-powered solutions such as RidgeBot from Ridge Security. RidgeBot is a new genre defined by Gartneri as Automated Penetration and Red Teaming tools that contain combine vast libraries of vulnerabilities and exploits, with an extremely intuitive AI engine to emulate how a hacker formulates a cyberattack against an asset. RidgeBrain is the AI engine within RidgeBot that delivers automated offensive security capabilities to companies that they would otherwise not be able to achieve. 

RidgeBot utilizes RidgeBrain to automatically perform the TTPs a hacker would. These include: 

  • Reconnaissance – Asset Discovery 
  • Attack Surface Expansion 
  • Vulnerability Detection 
  • Exploitation 

RidgeBrain uses its comprehensive AI skill set to go beyond typical pen testing to behave as a smart decision engine to determine the best attack scenario and launch iterative attacks. Thus in case an initial attack fails to exploit a vulnerability, RidgeBrain will launch successive attacks – just like a real hacker. 

By having a fully AI-driven solution, RidgeBot offers many benefits to companies that include: 

  • Always available offensive security and pen testing 
  • Avoid skills gaps 
  • Consistent results with repeatability 
  • Ability to learn and evolve new TTPs 
  • Reduced risks and greater confidence from accurate testing 
  • Automated detailed results and reporting 

RidgeBot is always available 24x7x365 to deliver easy to use solutions for offensive security and penetration testing.   Click Here to view more resources discussing how RidgeBot operates, real world solutions, and case studies.