RidgeBot DAST and IAST Capabilities Bolster DevSecOps Security Postures 

by | May 11, 2023 | AI in Automated Pen Test, Pen Test Technical Tips, RidgeBot

The dramatically increasing threat landscape should make app security top of mind for DevSecOps teams. Windows, Linux, and cloud-native apps are susceptible to vulnerabilities throughout their lifecycles, particularly during development.  

We know the risks are many, from software bugs and security misconfigurations to broken access controls and missing authentication. The deployment rate of new apps is increasing, as are the weekly code updates that are put into production. Adding to these challenges is the continued shortage of skilled security personnel and staff turnover. These and other factors are giving rise to the inclusion of automated security testing into the app lifecycle.  

RidgeBot automated DAST and IAST tighten app development security   

App security requires continuous discipline using processes, tools, and practices that help protect apps throughout their entire lifecycle. In addition to its award-winning automated pentesting, RidgeBot® includes dynamic application security testing (DAST) and interactive application security testing (IAST) capabilities that strengthen DevSecOps security postures. DAST provides an outside perspective on the app before it goes live, while IAST analyzes interactive applications where users input their data.  

RidgeBot’s DAST analyzes web apps before they go into production to find vulnerabilities using simulated attacks just as a malicious actor would employ. The DAST scanner looks for anomalies outside the expected result set to identify security vulnerabilities.  

RidgeBot IAST capabilities help DevSecOps teams identify and manage security risks associated with vulnerabilities discovered in running web applications using dynamic testing techniques. For example, RidgeBot IAST tests the correctness of the user’s interactive inputs against predefined app parameter guidelines. 

RidgeBot finds vulnerabilities within the development process 

RidgeBot DAST capabilities provide developers with extensive knowledge of tens of thousands of CVE vulnerabilities they would not otherwise have when building their apps. When RidgeBot is utilized during the SDLC, vulnerabilities are found and eliminated before they are deployed within a production environment. This stops potential data breaches that can result in financial loss and damaged brand reputation.  

When human coding is involved, errors will inevitably be involved in the SDLC. When RidgeBot becomes a part of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipeline and is deployed early in the SDLC process, finding and fixing exploitable web app vulnerabilities is faster, more reliable, and more cost-efficient. 

How RidgeBot improves DevSecOps security: 

  • Secures app pre-deployment with automated DAST and IAST 
  • Allows DevSecOps to test apps and manage risk at scale 
  • Ensures web app compliance with data and privacy regulators 
  • Allows DevSecOps to create an app program that supports a strong security posture 

Within a dynamic development environment, RidgeBot automated application security testing finds app vulnerabilities that can allow SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, and other attacks. It provides reports and sends automated alerts so the DevSecOps team can immediately remediate the vulnerabilities.  

RidgeBot integrates with Jira and GitLabs development environments. If RidgeBot detects a vulnerability, it will report it to Jira or GitLab as a task for the developer to remediate within the platform’s workflow ID. When DevSecOps has built-in security to support existing and emerging apps, they are empowered to innovate faster and with less risk. 

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