Stay compliant with the new regulations NIS2

by | Oct 11, 2023 | CTEM, RidgeBot

On November 10, 2022, the European Parliament passed the Network and Information Systems Directive 2 (NIS2), a pivotal legislation aimed at bolstering the cybersecurity of EU-based corporate networks and information systems. 

NIS2 has an emphasis on supply chain security, with special concerns for Essential Entities (EEs) and Important Entities (IEs). These entities provide essential services for maintaining critical societal and/or economic activities. They include aerospace, banking and financial market infrastructure, drinking water supply, energy, healthcare, information and communications technology providers, and managed service providers.

CTEM Facilitates NIS2 Compliance

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is a strategic approach designed to address NIS2 requirements comprehensively. It involves the continuous testing and exposure of an organization’s networks, systems, and assets to simulated cyberattacks, with the goal of identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

In addition to people and processes, organizations implementing a CTEM program rely on technology that inventory and categorize assets and vulnerabilities. These products can discover assets, simulate attack scenarios, and secure cloud workloads. 

Here’s how CTEM supports NIS2 compliance

  • Rapid Incident Reporting – CTEM enables real-time detection and response to cyber threats, streamlining the reporting process to relevant authorities. It establishes a consistent framework for incident reporting in accordance with NIS2 standards.
  • Visibility into Supply Chain Dependencies – CTEM helps organizations map and monitor their external attack surfaces, including supply chain partners. This identifies and prioritizes critical risks such as data breaches, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory violations.
  • Audit Response Readiness – CTEM provides organizations with an up-to-date view of their security posture and evidence of remediation efforts. It aids in demonstrating alignment with NIS2’s recommended best practices and benchmarks.

CTEM aligns security and risk management practices with business goals, enhancing efficiency, minimizing risk, and automating compliance. It encompasses people, processes, and technology to continually evaluate, defend, and mitigate threats, maintaining a consistent, actionable security posture.

Ridge Security Supports CTEM

Traditional vulnerability management programs struggle to keep pace with expanding attack surfaces. By adopting CTEM, organizations can proactively manage cybersecurity risks and bolster their resilience against evolving threats. Ridge Security’s support for CTEM plays a pivotal role in helping companies align with NIS2 requirements. Ridge Security recognizes the limitations of siloed security approaches and supports CTEM as a more effective path to stay ahead of sophisticated threats. 

Ridge Security offers two key products to support your CTEM program:


  • Auto-discovers assets for management, enabling automated penetration testing from an attacker’s perspective.
  • Conducts assessments, prioritizes vulnerabilities, and facilitates timely fixes.
  • Provides validation to gauge defense capabilities and process performance.
  • Offers security health checks and scores to monitor an organization’s exposure risk and security posture.
  • RidgeBot ACE simulation attack scenarios provide protection across various security aspects.


Installed within cloud application workloads, RidgeShield agents safeguard assets in cloud environments.

  • Ensures security through continuous monitoring and adherence to OS best practices.
  • Monitors exposure management, issuing alerts for deviations from baseline checks.

These Ridge Security solutions are integral to your CTEM program, aiding in automated penetration testing, exposure management, and security resilience enhancement. Ridge Security’s advanced solutions are your partner in strengthening your CTEM program to proactively protect assets against current and emerging threats. 

If you seek cybersecurity protections that support NIS2 and other regulations, while minimizing risks and enhancing security resilience, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.