Meet RidgeBot

Robotic cyber security testing
Provides risk-weighted assessments


You are invited to a webinar co-hosted by Ridge Security and BOCH Systems.

Date — Nov 12, 2020
Time — 03:00 PM Nigeria Time (GMT+1)

About RidgeBot — a fully automated and continuous security penetration testing system. It couples ethical hacking techniques, with AI-driven, decision-making algorithms, to locate vulnerable targets, then exploit the targets, and prioritize business risks within the enterprise. In this webinar, we will introduce a 1st-of-its-kind robot and demonstrate what it can do for your Enterprise Security Team. Find out how you can hire RidgeBot as your “Red Team”.

RidgeSecurity’s advanced AI technologies replicate techniques used by hackers today. We’ve taken that information and transformed it into a collection of tools and techniques that continues to grow each day with new automated penetration testings methodologies.

There will be a drawing to win two $50 gift cards for webinar attendees. Let’s have fun and learn!

Register then attend the webinar and your name will be entered to win the $50 USD Amazon Gift Card.

Our mission is to improve enterprise information security at Ridge Security by transforming how security testing is managed and performed. Our technologies ensure enterprise customers stay informed, compliant, and secure with a growing line of best-in-class security products.