Ridge Security and Distributor, Bitrate, Are Helping South Africa Alleviate Security Personnel Shortage

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Ridge Security

The partnership will make available Ridge Security’s AI-driven, pen-test solutions as part of Bitrate’s portfolio to its vast Sub-Sahara partner network

Santa Clara, CA – Ridge Security, cutting-edge pen-testing solution provider announces a distribution agreement with Bitrate, the distributor of choice in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa, in anticipation of stringent data laws, called Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) being implemented and enforced in July of 2021.

Security teams are seeing an increase in requests for penetration testing. However, in the near absence of qualified penetration testers, white hackers or ethical hackers, this will pose a critical challenge for security teams and businesses, who will want to find alternatives or ways to automate as much as possible. RidgeBot™ offers a cost-effective solution to help support security teams with RidgeBot™ as their extended security members.

“Our growing distribution and partner ecosystem are a reflection of our dedication and commitment to making pen-testing accessible to all.” said Ning Mo, CEO of Ridge Security. “Bitrate is the distributor of choice in South Africa, and we look forward to expanding our mutual client base with ethical, affordable solutions that meet a growing need in the market.” 

The RidgeBot™ fully automated and continuous security penetration testing system consists of ethical hacking techniques along with AI-driven, decision-making algorithms, to isolate and exploit vulnerable targets, and prioritize business risks within the enterprise to help security teams maintain the security posture of their networks. In regions with a severe shortage of security professionals and resources, Ridgebot™ helps enterprise seamlessly shift from manual-based, labor-intensive testing, to machine-assisted automation.

“What is unique about RidgeBot™ and is useful for service providers and enterprises is that the bots apply a continuous test, constantly learning and constantly being updated with the latest hacking techniques,” says, Jeroen Dubbelman, Managing Director of Bitrate, “Think about it. You could finish a penetration test today, and tomorrow you could already be vulnerable to new hacking techniques from bad actors. It’s time to deploy RidgeBot™ as your ‘Red Team.’”

About Ridge Security Technology

Ridge Security delivers ethical, efficient and affordable pen testing solutions to enterprises, small and large. We ensure our customers stay compliant, alerted and secure at all times in the cyber world. The management team has many years of networking and security experience. Ridge Security is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is expanding into other areas including Latin America, Asia and Europe.

RidgeBot™, a robotic penetration testing system, fully automates the testing process by coupling ethical hacking techniques to decision-making algorithms. RidgeBot™s locate, exploit and document business risks and vulnerabilities discovered during the testing process, highlighting the potential impact or damage.

About Bitrate

Bitrate, in operation since 1999, is a distribution company focused on providing ICT solutions through a partner network of hundreds of companies across Sub-Sahara Africa. Our goal is to help these organizations create winning solutions for their clients and to increase their revenue and success in their respective markets. Bitrate believes that our partners are the foundation of our business. Their comments and feedback are critical to Bitrate in ensuring ethical, fair, symbiotic, profitable and long-term relationships. Bitrate operates in the Networking, Application performance, Data Centre Virtualization and IT Security space.