Ridge Security – CIPS Informatica New Partnership for Italy Market

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Ridge Security

Santa Clara, California – April 23 2021. Ridge Security today announced a distribution agreement with CIPS Informatica, a distributor headquartered in Umbria, Italy, to resell its solutions.

CIPS Informatica is one of Italy’s largest distributors for MSP products and solutions focused on IT security and IT management. Founded in 1991, CIPS is committed to finding new solutions to address the IT issues of its customer base. Also due to the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in cyber attacks and data breaches around the world in the past year. Along with growing concerns about privacy, data collection practices and government regulations, it is imperative that businesses and individuals equip themselves with the utmost protection. As a result, CIPS has chosen to partner with Ridge Security which will enable them to preemptively identify real and potential threats.

“Seeing RidgeBot at work is incredible. Change the rules of the game because it is an intelligent risk-based vulnerability management Robot. RidgeBot is modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques” said Mario Menichetti, CEO of CIPS Informatica. He then continued “The great thing about RidgeBot is that it acts just like a human attacker, relentlessly identifies exploits and documents their findings. We are confident that we can present a great new asset to our partners, who in turn will be able to show the great efficiency of RidgeBot to their customers. We are very excited about this new partnership”.

“Cybercrimes have increased by 300% over the pandemic, based on a new report by SafeAtLast “, said Nick Mo, CEO and Co-founder at Ridge Security, ”this means that networks have to be ever more prepared and resilient, with no respite. To help enterprises with 365/24/7 resiliency, we are thrilled to expand our reach and deliver intelligent, automated penetration testing to CIPS’s partners and customers in Western Europe.“ 

About Ridge Security Technology

Ridge Security delivers ethical, efficient and affordable pen testing solutions to enterprises, small and large. We ensure our customers stay compliant, alerted and secure at all times in the cyber world. The management team has many years of networking and security experience. Ridge Security is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is expanding into other areas including Latin America, Asia and Europe.

RidgeBot™, a robotic penetration testing system, fully automates the testing process by coupling ethical hacking techniques to decision-making algorithms. RidgeBot™s locate, exploit and document business risks and vulnerabilities discovered during the testing process, highlighting the potential impact or damage.

About CIPS Informatica

CIPS Informatica is an Italian company whose main activity, since 1991, consists in the constant research of services and technologies oriented to the management of the IT infrastructure and in particular to the management of process and data security.

The choice of solutions to be offered to the market is subject to assessments of merit which include functionality, correspondence to real needs, compliance with current regulations, the presence of a “go-to-market” model compatible with the Italian market, the technological level and the percentage of innovation.

When we talk about functionality and real needs, we mean the possibility of creating high-value management and control services and that, by simplifying processes and interaction with operators, they effectively implement the paradigm of safety and efficiency.

Attention is always mainly on two fronts, namely process efficiency and process safety.