TeleScience and Ridge Security Join Forces to Deliver Innovative AI-powered Security Solutions in South East Asia

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Ridge Security

Santa Clara, California – Ridge Security today announced a distribution agreement with TeleScience, a leading Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider in Singapore, serving the South East Asian market. TeleScience’s strategic partner and solutions ecosystem in combination with Ridge Security’s cutting-edge, AI-infused penetration security platform will greatly benefit customers in the region, with end-to-end solutions that will harden the security posture of their networks and critical assets.

Customers will have access to a complete portfolio of testing, visibility, and security solutions to ensure the integrity of their infrastructure.

“We are proud and honoured to be selected by Ridge Security as its first Singaporean partner for promoting and delivering this innovative AI-powered RidgeBot penetration testing tool to our valued clients,” said Peter Teo, Managing Director of TeleScience Pte Ltd. “Regular penetration tests are essential in evaluating IT and network security; the user-friendliness and vast degree of automation in RidgeBot, made entirely possible by its ground breaking AI engine, drastically reduces the time, technical and financial barriers associated with such tests. With RidgeBot, organizations are now empowered to take ownership of their IT infrastructure security.”

“TeleScience is a critical partner in the depth and breadth of their solution ecosystem,” said Nick Mo, CEO and Co-founder of Ridge Security, “Our strategic partnership will ensure that enterprises, large and small, in the South East Asian region, will benefit from solutions that deliver the deepest insights and visibility into their infrastructure, through pressure testing at scale powered by Ridge Security’s automated and AI-infused RidgeBot platform. Our joint solutions will help future-proof our customer’s infrastructure in a digital world that is constantly changing and always prone to malicious attacks.”    

About Ridge Security Technology

Ridge Security delivers ethical, efficient, and affordable pen testing solutions to enterprises, small and large. We ensure our customers stay compliant, alerted, and secure at all times in the cyber world. The management team has many years of networking and security experience. Ridge Security is in the heart of Silicon Valley and is expanding into other areas including Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

RidgeBot™, a robotic penetration testing system, fully automates the testing process by coupling ethical hacking techniques to decision-making algorithms. RidgeBots™ locate, exploit, and document business risks and vulnerabilities discovered during the testing process, highlighting the potential impact or damage.

About TeleScience.

TeleScience is incorporated in 1990 and is a leading ICT equipment and solutions provider in the telecoms, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT) & networking industry.

Telescience clientele base includes many government organizations and reputable companies in the private sector. One of her strategy is to bring state of the art solutions to the market in order to position herself as a value-added partner to major system integrators and end users. For more information, please visit