Automated Penetration Testing

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Automated Penetration Testing

Automated penetration testing tools systematize the process of detecting and validating vulnerabilities.  Auto pentesting advances manual penetration testing by using AI and machine learning to not only detect but also validate system vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently. Auto pentesting includes internal attacks, external attacks, lateral movement, and vulnerability management.

By identifying, assessing, and providing an overview of security risks, organizations can prioritize them based on the most potentially damaging to the least theoretically harmful. With this data, organizations can implement defense strategies and prioritize the most pressing issues.

Automated pentesting is a highly effective way for organizations to validate system capabilities and harden security defenses when launching new apps, systems, and services – from development to production.

To eliminate risk, auto pentesting conducts four primary steps.

1. Automatically discovers active assets like servers, operating systems, databases and websites.

2. Scans and reports on discovered assets and infrastructure attack surfaces, including weak URLs, open ports, and system vulnerabilities. Beyond software version mapping, scanning uses actual payload to detect vulnerabilities.

3. Exploits using ethical hacking skills learned from human testers, launching sophisticated joint and iterative attacks.

4. Post-exploit verification using testing techniques like privilege escalation, Pass-the-Hash and others, ascertain whether certain configurations allow hackers to laterally move further into the environment.

RidgeBot® fully automated pentesting

Ridge Security’s RidgeBot® are fully automated pentest robots that organizations deploy to ethically hack systems to verify vulnerabilities. RidgeBot® acts like human attackers, relentlessly locating exploits, then documenting their findings. Unlike humans, RidgeBot® comes armed with a set of dynamic attack strategies they try, before moving on to the next target. RidgeBot® makes penetration testing affordable and run at enterprise scale.