Risk Validation

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Risk Validation

Risk validation is the process of determining how well a product or solution performs based upon predicted risk. The risk analysis in validation provides a rational framework to determine the appropriate scope when carrying out validation activities, focusing on processes that represent a greater potential risk.

The validation process includes four basic steps:

– Reviewing the current risk assessment system and setting goals

– Conducting a detailed analysis of the risk assessment

– Developing an implementation plan for the new or revised system

– Documenting the validation effort

Validation ensures products meet an organization’s requirements, based upon running tests, and analyzing and documenting results. Risk validation also monitors compliance with security and privacy regulations.

RidgeBot® supports risk validation

RidgeBot’s® automated penetration testing discovers and flags risks and validates them for remediation. Because it is fully automated, RidgeBot® does not require highly skilled security personnel. Every risk RidgeBot® validates means the vulnerability can be exploited by a hacker. RidgeBot® validates the vulnerabilities by using real POC codes to exploit.