Data Exfiltration

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Data exfiltration

Data exfiltration is a form of data theft that occurs when a bad actor carries out an unauthorized data transfer. The cyber-criminal illicitly copies, transfers, or retrieves data from a server or a user’s computer. Organizations can be at risk for these types of attacks from outside threat actors or malicious insiders.

The most common source of threat is email, with phishing as the most common technique. Having unprotected systems can lead to data loss that can cause reputational and financial damage. The best way to protect against data exfiltration is to eliminate vulnerabilities before bad actors discover and exploit them.

RidgeBot® helps eliminate data exfiltration

RidgeBot® automated pentesting finds attack vectors, verifies their effectiveness, enumerates the data and systems that could be compromised, and provides remediation guidance. RidgeBot® automatically validates and prioritizes vulnerabilities, hardening security defenses against potential data exfiltration.