Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS)

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Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS)

Pentesting as a service (PTaaS) provides point-in-time and continuous application and infrastructure penetration testing services, which traditionally relied heavily on human pentesters using commercial/proprietary tools. Delivered as a SaaS platform, PTaaS leverages a combination of automation and human pentesters to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the results.

Pentesting is a foundational security program mandated by various compliance standards. PTaaS enables faster scheduling and execution, and real-time communications with testers and visibility of test results. It also provides API access to integrate with existing DevOps and ITSM tools for workflow automation.

PTaaS provides access to a large pool of testers with specific subject matter expertise. PTaaS provides on-demand and continuous scanning of internal and external infrastructure and applications, cost optimization and quality improvement of pentesting.

Due to expanding enterprise attack surfaces, it has become a business imperative to identify security vulnerabilities and prioritize and treat them in a timely manner.

– PTaaS helps organizations with limited in-house security expertise to acquire pentesting services to both meet their compliance and risk management objectives

– PTaaS can be integrated into an organization’s CI/CD pipeline

Ridge Security PTaaS support

Ridge Security’s RidgeBot® enables managed security service providers to offer their clients automated pentesting services. RidgeBot® enables them to frequently and consistently test their infrastructure, applications, and defenses to find and mitigate weaknesses, gaps and operational deficiencies faster. Ridgebot® acts like human attackers using sophisticated exploits. Ridgebot® relentlessly locates exploits across an enterprise network, document their findings, continuously measure results and effectiveness, and verify vulnerabilities.

Ridgebot® enables organizations to conduct automated pentesting from an attacker’s point of view. Before exposures are put into production, Ridgebot® finds, assesses, prioritizes, and fixes a wide set of exposures before bad actors get to them. The resulting validation allows organizations to see what would happen in the event of an attack, how their defenses would cope, and how well the processes would perform.