Red Team and Blue Team

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Red Team and Blue Team

A red team plays the role of an enemy or competitor to provide threat intelligence from the adversarial perspective. In cybersecurity, a red team is a group of highly skilled security experts who are authorized to emulate a potential adversary’s attack or exploitation capabilities against an organization’s security defenses.

A red team will employ an array of tools, tactics, and strategies to breach the organization’s defenses. Red teams are “ethical hackers” who test defenses by identifying vulnerabilities and launching attacks within a controlled environment. Red teams are countered by defenders called blue teams, with both parties working together to provide a complete picture of the organization’s security posture. The red team’s objective is to improve enterprise cybersecurity by demonstrating the impacts of successful cyberattacks and what works for the blue team.

Ridgebot® becomes your virtual red team

Ridge Security’s Ridgebot® are fully automated pentest robots that organizations deploy as a virtual red team to ethically hack systems to verify vulnerabilities. Ridgebot® comes armed with a set of dynamic attack strategies they try, before moving on to the next target.

Conducting automated pentesting from an attacker’s point of view, Ridgebot® enables blue teams to sharpen their defensive measures.