Cyberasset attack surface management

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Cyberasset attack surface management (CAASM)

Cyberasset attack surface management (CAASM) enables security teams to overcome challenges associated with asset visibility and exposure. Enterprises can see all assets (internal and external). Replacing time-consuming manual processes to collect and reconcile asset information, CAASM integrates with existing tools via APIs to enable security personnel to query consolidated data, identify the range of vulnerabilities, pinpoint gaps in security controls, and remediate issues. Aggregated assets can include endpoints, servers, networked devices, and applications.

CAASM enables security teams to improve basic security hygiene by ensuring security controls, security posture, and asset exposure are understood and remediated. This helps reduce dependencies on in-house developed systems and manual collection processes and remediate gaps either manually or via automated workflows. Organizations can visualize security tool coverage, support attack surface management (ASM) processes, and correct systems of record that may have stale or missing data.

CAASM provides complete visibility into all IT, IoT, and OT assets under an organization’s control. This enables them to improve their understanding of the attack surface area and existing security control gaps. It can also serve as part of a wider ASM process.

Benefits include:

– Speeds compliance audits and reporting through more accurate, current, and comprehensive asset and security control reports

– Consolidates existing products that collect asset and exposure information into a single view to reduce the need for manual processes or dependencies on in-house developed applications

– Consolidates asset views for multiple individuals and teams, like enterprise architects, security operations and IT admins

– Lowers resistance to data collection from, and better security visibility into shadow IT and third-party systems, over which IT lacks governance and control

Ridge Security CAASM support

As part of an integrated CAASM solution, Ridge Security’s RidgeBot® enables organizations to frequently and consistently test their infrastructure, applications, and defenses to find and mitigate weaknesses, gaps and operational deficiencies faster. RidgeBot® acts like human attackers using sophisticated exploits. Relentlessly locating exploits across an enterprise network, RidgeBot® documents its findings, continuously measure results and effectiveness, and verify vulnerabilities.

RidgeBot® enables organizations to conduct automated pentesting from an attacker’s point of view. Before exposures are put into production, RidgeBot® finds, assesses, prioritizes, and fixes a wide set of exposures before bad actors get to them. The resulting validation allows organizations to see what would happen in the event of an attack, how their defenses would cope, and how well the processes would perform.